Ceramic Art Ceminar [en]

Do you want to have a great experience for one week? To be inspired from the natural environment, the sea, the clear air and awake the little creator that is  surely hidden in your soul?

Then you have to join us in Ikaria at the Pottery Seminar, 13th to 19th of September!
This seminar aims to introduce you to the world of this art, to become familiar with the material and its potential. To discover what has been created in the history of art until today and make your own unique ceramic pieces.

We will create small sculptures, objects which can been used daily, we will all try the pottery wheel, create a mold out of plaster for reproducing a piece we will choose, we will paint with the special colors and glasses, we will bake in the oven and we will make our own jewelry. In the end of the seminar, Saturday 19th of September we will have an exhibition, open to public and a farewell celebration.

Our goal is to take advantage of the imagination and inspiration that one gets from this place, so as everybody discovers his own personal style and return home with a rich experience and wonderful things in his suitcase!

This seminar includes:
  • 25 hours of  pottery workshop 
  • 3 hours introduction courses (History of Art and Pottery, Science and Technology, Jewelry)
  • Printed leaflet with theoretical lessons and a set of ceramic tools
  • 7 nights accommodation in a double room (shared by two persons) with 6 days of breakfast buffet and 6 days of dinner buffet (beverages & drinks are not included) 
  • traditional Greek dance lesson (two hours duration)
  • 1 cooking session- we cook together a traditional Ikarian recipe
  • 1 guided trekking on the ikarian hiking trails
  • 2 excursions around the island (we visit the Archaeological Museum of Campos & we meet a mountainous part of Ikaria)
Note: There is also a possibility of a single room accommodation, with an additional cost.

Ceramic art remains unchanged in time. All sciences are changing, but ceramics today is in fact quite similar to how it was in the beginning of pottery history. You just need a bit of clay, knead it with water, form it and then bake it. Exactly how ancient pottery masters made their masterpieces that we see in museums today. Clay is a very significant material with its special texture and all the history that it carries.

These seminars are addressed to adults regardless of age and whether they had experience or not with pottery before.

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